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Thursday, 03 August 2023 17:01

Why to choose TSBG data center location in Bulgaria

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Yes, Bulgaria is considered a strategic territory in terms of telecommunications transit. It serves as a crucial hub for international data traffic and telecommunications connectivity between Europe, Turkey and the Middle East.

Several factors contribute to Bulgaria's significance in this regard: 

  • Geographical Location: Bulgaria is geographically positioned at the crossroads of major international telecommunications routes. It lies at the intersection of several terrestrial fiber optic cables that connect Europe to Turkey and the Middle East and has few important submarine fiber routes as well. This strategic location makes it an ideal transit point for data traffic between these regions.
  • Fiber Optic Infrastructure: Bulgaria has a well-developed fiber optic network infrastructure that enables high-speed data transmission. It is connected to multiple international cables and is the shortest route between major European hubs (Frankfurt, London, Paris, Amsterdam) and Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara), Georgia and the Middle East. These cables provide extensive connectivity options for telecommunications transit.
  • Internet Exchange Points (IXPs): Bulgaria hosts several Internet Exchange Points, such as the Balkan Internet Exchange (B-IX) and the Bulgarian Internet Exchange (BIX). These IXPs facilitate the exchange of internet traffic between different networks and service providers, enhancing connectivity and transit capabilities.
  • Data Centers: Bulgaria has a growing number of data centers that serve as important hubs for telecommunications transit. These data centers provide the necessary infrastructure and connectivity for hosting and distributing data traffic across various networks.
  • Regulatory Environment: Bulgaria has implemented favorable regulations and policies to attract telecommunications investments and promote connectivity. This supportive regulatory environment encourages the development of telecommunications infrastructure and enhances its strategic importance. Overall, Bulgaria's geographical location, fiber optic infrastructure, presence of Internet Exchange Points, growing data center industry, and favorable regulatory environment make it a strategic territory for telecommunications transit. It plays a significant role in facilitating data traffic and connectivity between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Why to choose Bulgaria and select TSBG Hosting Ltd. for your data center service provider?

TSBG Hosting Ltd. is established in 2006 and since 2014  has been focused exclusively on provision of datacenter services: collocation, dedicated and cloud server rental, shared hosting, managed services.
We run several data centers in Bulgari. All our sites are specially designed to conform with Tier III specifications of TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. They all lay on the major international fiber routes  and are well connected to local and international telecom infrastructure providers and bandwidth suppliers.

  • We can provide Layer 2 and IP protected links, via diverse routes to Istanbul, Sofia, Bucharest and to most European cities and networks
  • Availability 100%
  • Network latency <40 ms to any host in Europe
  • Excellent Operational Support Services (“B” End Customer Support)

At the picture below are shown European and Bulgarian fiber routes and one of our main sites called Blue site, located just at the border between Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.