Our Data Centers

Our Datacenters

Building and location

  Own Sites

  Carefully selected locations

Our sites are specially designed in accordance with TIA-942 - Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centers. We believe that complying with all applicable standards and best practices will ensure operational excellence.

A detailed datacenter risk assessment is performed. Locations are carefully selected to eliminate potential risks. You can read more about how we select datacenter location and construct the building in our blog: How to Select Datacenter Location and Construct the Building

Power Supply

  100% Power Availability

  Fully Redundant 1+1 configuration

Power supply of a datacenter is vital for ensuring uninterruptible operation, minimizing downtime and keeping operational cost minimal. We guarantee power supply availability to be 100% in all our sites. In addition we offer 48 VDC as a standard option. The power supply system is designed in a fully diverse 1+1 configuration (A+B circuit), starting from separate A and B power rooms, PDBs, UPS systems and cabling to the racks. Each rack is equipped with two (or more) PDU's - one for circuit A and one for circuit B. Upon request power meters and ATS switches may be added.

Air Conditioning

  Efficient AC System

  Redundant Configuration

All sites are equipped with air conditioning systems in a redundant 1+1 or n+1 configuration by nominal cooling capacity. The guaranteed air conditions in the equipment room shall be t = 22 ± 2 oC and relative humidity 40% ≤ ρ ≤ 60%.

Personnel Efficiency

  Highly Skilled Personnel

  Special Training

Having highly skilled and specially trained datacenter personnel increases operational efficiency, eventually reducing operational costs.

Datacenter Security

  High Security Design

  Implementation of Information Security standards

By implementing series of technical and operational measures TSBG Hosting Ltd. is committed to ensure highest levels of datacenter security. The sites are specially designed to provide maximum security. There are local guards and patrol cars with advanced alarm systems. The sites are equipped with video surveiillance systems. Only escorted access is provided into our premises. Maintennace is performed by own staff with minimal external personnel visiting the sites.

Internet Connectivity

  International and Local Providers

  Exceptional Network Redundancy

We run our own autonomous system with BGP sessions with carefully selected local and international providers. We guarantee 99,999% uptime of our Internet connectivity. In addition we can provide Ipv4 addresses and LIR services.

Monitoring System

  Big Hall

  25 and 26 April

By implementing advanced monitoring systems in all of our datacenters we are able to continuously monitor virtually all parameters. That includes server's processor load, memory and disks, port traffic, equipment health. With sensors, installed at different points in the racks, rooms and equipment we can monitor the temperature and humidity in accordance with the latest standards and good practices. In addition, we do monitor the electric current and power consumption on all equipment as well as air conditioning and other datacenter systems.

By setting up trigers with different severity levels our operational staff can react promptly to fix any problems and prevent disasters.

Our monitoring system continuously checks the performance of our fibre optical networks and allows us to act in case of cable cut or failure.

Fire Safety

 VESDA smoke detection

 Gas fire supression

All sites are equipped with an advanced air sampling fire detection system FireLink from HOCHIKI. With strategically placed pipes and sampling holes VESDA systems sample the air by drawing it along the pipe and into the detector measuring chamber. The systems provide an extremely high level of sensitivity to smoke detection, therefore detecting smoke at an earlier stage in the development of the fire. In the case of a fire, the alarm system triggers release of a supression das, which extinguish the fire.


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