Electric power supply system in the datacenter is crucial for uninterupptible operation of all systems and key factor for datacenter costs. Moreover, in the background of climate changes, efficient power supply systems are the main factor for running "green"daatacenter as the power usage is the main factor for carbon emissions and power supply systems have substantial impact on that usage.

To ensure uninterruptible and fault-tolerant  power supply, we implement redundancy, diversity and backup of the power supply elements, thus eliminating Single Point of Failure (SPF). All our datacenters, no matter of their size, are designed with dual power supply systems in 1 + 1 configuration (A + B systems). That helps us guarantee 100% availability of power supplied to your equipment with strong penalty clauses.

All our datacenter buildings have dual utility power supply in a ring topology from the nearest substation.  That means redundancy (dual power sources) and diversity (ring topology with different cable routes to the building).  As sometimes redundancy and diversity can not prevent power outages (in case of maintenance, natural disasters, general power problems or other reasons) a backup power sources are added. these are mainly diesel generators, capable of supplying the full datacenter load during the outage. Our diesel generators have fuel to run for a minimum of 72 hours and we have contracts with specialised companies for supply of fuel in an emergency situation.

Backup power sources are nice and help us meet the 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) but they implement additional problems with part of their systems being Single Point of Failure (SPF). Such element is the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and its controller. This is the unit, which transfers the power supply from primary to backup and vice-versa. to understand how we mitigate such problems and what are the industry standards and best practices for that follow our blog. Diesel generators and other backup power sources  need complicated maintenance activities which require skilled personnel. To learn more about our staff, skils and training read our blog.

Inside the building we run two independent power supply systems A and B, located in different rooms (redundancy) and all cables, running from A and B power rooms are routed via diversed paths to thecustomer equipment. There are two Power Distribution Units in each rack or cabinet and if the equipment is with single power supply, we provide additional rack-mounted ATS switch.

We can offer single phase or three phases AC 230 V, 50 Hz power supply from 2 separate UPS systems located in different power supply rooms, but we offer DC 48 V power supply as well, also from different systems located in different rooms. In both AC and DC the power is suplied to the cabinets via different power distribution boards and diversed cable paths.

Acheiving uninterruptible power is not enough-we need to monitor the power usage at different levels to ensure that system capacity is not exceeded and to verify that all our customers receive, what they pay for.  Detailed power monitoring helps us identify and mitigate side effect as reactive energy, which also helps us to increase availability and reduce operational costs. You can reead more about how to eliminate or reduce reactive energy in our blog.

Last, but not least-we are strongly focused on power safety. Our staff passes regular electric safety training, including working on a live circuits. Lightning protection, Over Voltage Protection (OVP) and Protective Grounding (PG or PE) systems are designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with highest industry standards. More information on safety aspects in our blog.

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